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Lab Casework Stock

Are you planning to start a lab in just rush..? Well, it is now possible with Prime Lab Systems “Express” product range.

“Express” as the word specifies provides all items needed to design a laboratory within 1-3 weeks. All available items under this range can be found in our “Express” brochure. While we carry a huge inventory of all items in this “Express” range, due to high turnaround, some items exhaust very fast.

To find out current situation of all items required for your project, please check with our sales team at sales@primelabsystems.com
All the products come in standard Oyster White Color & recessed handles.

Optional Color (from our standard range of 8 colors) or Handles request can be processed with 2 additional weeks on delivery time

Since stock keeps on changing every day, please contact our sales team at sales@primelabsystems.com for an updated list.

Design Requirement

Our designers can help you with design of your lab using model numbers from our “Express” range. Please provide a sketch of your requirement to sales@primelabsystems.com or talk to one of our sales team at 289-217-7007